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The latest generation of oil frees compressors

The latest generation of oil frees compressors
OIL-FREE SCREW COMPRESSORS have been designed specifically for the most demanding customers. Innovative and cost effective, Havasan HS series compressors are becoming increasingly popular in more and more advanced manufacturing processes with stricter sanitary, technological and technical requirements towards the quality of compressed air. Oil-free compressed air is required in:

  • Food and beverage industry, especially where compressed air is in direct contact with the product 
  • Animal feed production 
  • Pneumatic transport 
  • Drug industry 
  • Glass-making 
  • Electronics industry 
  • Industrial paint shops with high requirements regarding coats being applied 
  • Cement production 
  • Textile industry 

Oil-free screw compressors are durable, energy-efficient and low-noise sources of compressed air. Available with two-year warranty on all components, they are proven to be ultimately reliable.
HS series compressors stand out for reduced maintenance frequency, easy operation and simple installation. With industry-leading soundproof casings and silencers, they deliver excellent noise reduction, whereas high-class vibration isolators make it possible for the compressors to be positioned on standard floors. HS series compressors are fitted with best European air ends that have proven their value over the last several decades. They are manufactured using the latest technologies and materials.


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